Significance of the Title

America Says Yes!: Faith in Action Today

The title, "America Says Yes!: Faith in Action Today", represents the ideal model for us to imitate as offered by the witness of the first disciple of the Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Heavenly Father is asking each person on earth the definitive question, "Will you accept Jesus Christ alive, as the perfect gift of God for your salvation now?" We are urged to say yes and in a personal manner, and to express our yes through acts of charity to become like Christ in all we do. Our Lady models the perfect response to God's initiative. Her life demonstrates how each of us may open ourselves to the Encounter with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We may model Our Lady's yes and is doing so, her FIAT may become our FIAT. What is the significance of our FIAT? With the help of the Lord, our yes puts our Faith in Action Today, and assists in bringing Christ to birth in the world anew. FIAT