"America Says Yes! - Faith in Action Today" Program

What is this Program?

The "America Says Yes! - Faith in Action Today" Program is a Faith Formation Program, for personal and Parish Renewal. It is really not a new "program" - as much as it is a refresher course is living the Gospel at the parish level. It is designed for use within the Catholic Church although other Christian groups may find it very useful for reinvigorating their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is written for people of ages 15 and older, to be shared in small groups of 10 to 12 people with one or two people who are designated as the Leader of each group. The Program is open to people of all vocations and states in life. It is presented in two 13-week sessions which may be held in your home, in religious communities, in a convent or monastery, as well as in the local parish setting.

What will I learn?

Each participant will learn the explicit teaching and vision of John Paul II regarding the spiritual foundation for living the Church's call to a New Evangelization. The basis of the Program is presented from Papal documents of both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, as well as the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, Magisterial teaching and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The specific rhythm of the Program is founded upon the strategic outline of John Paul II's plan which he entitled, The Encounter with the Living Jesus Christ as the Way to Conversion, Communion and Solidarity. The materials included within the Program involve a multi-media presentation of this teaching, with written and audio-visual teaching tools to assist.

What will I experience?

Each participant is offered the opportunity for the experience of a renewal of your Faith through a fresh Encounter with the Living Jesus Christ, the motivation for ongoing Conversion, and clear steps for how to vibrantly live out of the Church's Spirituality of Communion amongst fellow Catholics both inside your parish and out into the greater diocesan Catholic family. Participants will likewise discover specific teaching on how to live in Solidarity as a spiritual and practical reality with your local secular community. Finally, each of you will experience the guidance and grace to move into active cooperation with the Church's call to all baptized Catholics: to live the Mission of Jesus Christ effectively as mature and faithful Catholics in the world today.

What are the goals of this program?

There are four clear goals of the "America Says Yes!" Program. The first goal is to allow each participant the opportunity to experience a fresh Encounter with the Living Jesus Christ. This renewed relationship with Jesus will bring many blessings to you individually as well as to your parish. The second Program goal is the ongoing integral development of the participants as mature Christians who experience a deeper conversion in their Christian faith and begin to live the life of the Church's communion in a manner which they will find is more personally fulfilling. Within their small ecclesial community (known as a "Communio Group") the focus will be on "person-centered evangelization" which takes place within the larger parish family. The third goal of the Program is that this experience of personal renewal in their faith, will encourage Participants to be more actively involved in parish renewal as the Participants themselves become more aware of their co-responsibilities at the parish. The fourth and final goal of the "America Says Yes!" Program is to provide the tools which will enable Participants to put their faith into action today as mature Christians who seek to resolve local problems in light of the Word of God; resolving the challenges of their fellow citizens in practical ways outside their parish in light of bringing these people also to a personal encounter with the Living Jesus Christ. Through this action Participants will serve others as Witnesses to the Love of God in complete unison with the Mission of the Church in obedience to their Bishop. Living Life in Mission is the Apostolate of the Church for each baptized person. As Participants reach beyond their own parish, they do not take anything from the parish. The parish is that school of love to which all members of the Program continual return; focusing especially on the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration as the high point of their week. Those who they are assisting outside the parish will be encouraged to join them for the Sunday Celebration as guests and potential new members of the parish family. Participants are called to collaborate with other parishes in the diocese and will see new ways going beyond their own diocese and nation to reach out into the Continent(s) to fulfill the commandment of the Lord; that is to make disciples of all nations. This activity will be done in communion with their parish family under the guidance of their pastor and local bishop.

How do I become involved in the "America Says Yes!" Program?

The first step is to contact us directly either via email, telephone, or through postal mail. After your initial questions have been answered, we encourage you to then seriously consider hosting a "Leadership Seminar" Day of Formation. This one day series of talks is designed to gather potential leaders and allow them to become well-acquainted with the vision and implementation of the "America Says Yes!" Program in their own community. This one day of sharing will prepare you to lead a Communion Group series of meetings yourself.

How do I contact you for more information?

You may reach the personnel of the "America Says Yes! - Faith in Action Today" Program office in the following manner:
"America Says Yes!" Program
Post Office Box 931
Cotati, California 94931
United States of America
Tel: (707) 321-0120
Email: info@AmericaSaysYes.com