Personal renewal which impacts each Catholic parish and evangelization go hand in hand. The prayer program, "America Says Yes!" (ASY Program) provides a simple, yet spiritually profound Faith Formation opportunity which is designed for prayer groups at the home and parish level.

Through the strengthening of Christian spirituality, we are able to renew Christian culture and the Parish environment. As the Parish environment is renewed, we are better able to reach out beyond our ecclesial community and assist others within the local region and beyond as we give a positive response to the Missionary Mandate of Jesus.

Through the ASY Program, we encourage Christian's to grow and mature in their faith according to Magisterial teaching through the expressed vision of John Paul II, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and reflection upon Sacred Scripture, (especially those readings for the Sunday Liturgy). Likewise, the ASY Program is strongly integrated with the present teaching of Pope Benedict XVI and will in the future continue to follow the guidance of the Holy Father, especially through a studied union with the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization which was launched by Pope Benedict in 2010.

Pope Benedict XVI

In addition to Faith Formation, the ASY Program provides a real structure for participants first to be renewed in their own faith in Christ as they live the Church's life of communion more deeply and secondly to move into action as they give witness to Christ's love - encouraging participants to act in collaboration with others in the Church with a goal of practically resolving identified problems that others are facing in their local community and beyond. This action follows the Mission of the Church and helps clarify the Apostolate of Mission for the laity, as well as assists in encouraging new vocations to religious and priestly life as Participants discover their own call with the baptismal call to holiness. Participants are taken through a special section of the program which is designed to help them identify their own gifts. At that time they will be urged to write out their own Vision and Mission plan of how they see God calling them to make a commitment to live their faith on a deeper level. Some will feel a call to make a tangible difference in those areas of greatest need in the local community through the application of practical solutions – both on a spiritual and material level. Guidance is given in this area also.

The “America Says Yes!” Program is offered in accordance with the approval of the local Bishop. It is suggested that it follow the spiritual direction of the participants' Pastor or Priest Spiritual Director.

The platform for promotion of the program is designed to work at the grass-roots levels: "person to person", so that each experience of praying and sharing in the program as a whole will be accomplished in a setting of a communion of persons who act as a smaller ecclesial community within the larger parish and diocesan ecclesial community.

The ASY Program participants (laity, priests and religious) are encouraged to remain active in their Parish while seeking out existing Ecclesial Communities, Movements and religious Congregations in the local Church in order to serve in collaboration with them in the fulfillment of the Church's Mission. Finally, those persons who feel called to live the experience of ecclesial communion in a more committed manner through the guidance of the Church may choose to become a member of The International Association of the Missionaries of the New Evangelization (IAMNE). In conformity with the directives of the Universal Church via the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, this Association will serve as the informal connecting branch between the participants in the “America Says Yes!” Program and Ecclesial authorities at an international level. Membership within the Association is not intended to be exclusive, in that a person may already be a member of a religious order, society or movement in the Church while also being affiliated with the Association. This is why we refer to the Association as a spiritual Association. The process for Ecclesial recognition of this Association is now in development.

Utilizing the directives of John Paul II in a content rich, multi-media format, the aim of the ASY Program is to bring the Gospel message of the Church proposed in the Encounter with the Living Jesus Christ to all people in a user-friendly manner at the grassroots level. As this is done, a strengthening of the bonds between the Universal and Local Church is expected. Fortifying the Faith of the participants will also enliven the Parish environment and assist in bringing people into Mission as well-formed and faith-filled Catholics. By Mission we simply mean the classic understanding of what the Church refers to as Evangelization and “Works of Mercy”, be these spiritual or corporal. The program consists in the presentation of teaching through printed workbooks, and corresponding video series, guided preparation for the Sunday Liturgy and various Faith Celebration Activities aimed at renewing Christian Spiritual Life at the Parish level and mobilizing participants into action. The program consists of two 13 week sessions which conclude with guidance for the participants in living our lives in Mission.

The ASY Program itself is comprised of Leaders' and Participants' Workbooks, with an educative accompanying video series and music CDs. The Leader and Participant materials for the “America Says Yes!” Program are ready for distribution. Please contact us for information on how you can obtain this dynamic new program for your diocese, parish or small group.

People are longing for spiritual growth and clarification of their identity in relation to God. Some wonder who they are called to be as baptized Catholics, what they are called to do with their lives and are asking for clarification of how they may live out their faith in the modern world. The ASY Program seeks to provide a deep spiritual and practical formation at the Parish and home level for those who desire to serve the Church and mankind through living the New Evangelization.